This is How We Make Money

DealDrop Helps You Save by Building Trust Through Transparency

At DealDrop, our mission is truly simple – we give online shoppers like you the ability to maximize your savings in a simple, honest way. Just like you though, we need to cover our costs and make an honest living from what we do, so we use affiliate links in some of our posts. This does not affect the quality of our content though and we're highly committed to making sure that your shopping experience is rewarding by helping you pocket as many discounts as possible during checkout. We don’t steal your data, we don’t have annoying ads and DealDrop is totally free to use.

Earning your trust

We believe in complete transparency and that will never change. Here's how we run our platform while ensuring your needs and privacy are always front and center:

Clear and Honest Affiliate Partnerships – Similar to most other bargain sites, we earn our commissions from select stores through affiliate programs. When you use a DealDrop coupon and complete a purchase, the affiliated store may extend a small commission to us; however, most of our coupons are non-affiliate links chosen solely due to their benefits to you – our savvy shoppers.

Absolute Transparency – We openly disclose that some pages yield us commissions, but regardless of any money earned as a result of affiliate links, we only choose quality deals, so you know you’re getting the best discounts. We give shoppers the option of reporting whether our coupons worked and the results of this are publicly visible.

No Hidden Costs or Catches – Your purchase costs are completely unaffected by the commissions we might receive. You can rest assured that there are no additional expenses or catches on your end.

Putting You First

To ensure we set ourselves apart from conventional coupon sites, DealDrop operates with your best interests in mind:

An Ad-Free Experience – We also hate intrusive ads and we know you don’t like them either, so we’ve opted out completely

Privacy Assurance – We focus on safeguarding your privacy above all else. Your personal and shopping data are treated with total confidentiality and we don’t collect or trade such information. By championing your savings and privacy, DealDrop is steadfast in its commitment to serving online shoppers worldwide.

For The Shoppers, By The Shoppers.