This Is How We Verify Coupons

Unveiling Our Process: Discovery, Evaluation, and Presentation of Coupons

Our objective at DealDrop is simple – to empower online shoppers with savings at the checkout. Transparency and honesty are at the core of how DealDrop operates and our professional team work hard to find deals we know you’ll love. Do you want to know how we find, assess, and showcase every coupon featured on our platform? Keep reading to find out…

Discovering Coupon Codes

Discovering the finest coupon codes can be more difficult than it might seem, but our amazing DealDrop family are pros at doing just that. Firstly, our team of super savings sleuths needs to know where to look for them. We scour various channels where they are shared and circulated, such as email inboxes, physical mailboxes, on brand websites and blogs, social media, podcasts, and even billboards. We cast a wide net in our search, sourcing codes from a plethora of sources. We also receive codes directly from merchants or indirectly through affiliate networks, as well as from our awesome shoppers themselves, who contribute codes to DealDrop.

Sorting and Evaluating Coupon Codes

With a treasure trove of coupons in hand, our team gets to work sorting them out and ensuring we only keep the absolute best. Our comprehensive sorting techniques mean we process thousands of potential codes daily; however, only a percentage of these codes pass our rigorous evaluation criteria, amounting to an even smaller number of coupons that we consider good enough for you.

Ensuring Coupon Code Quality

Our team checks the final lot of codes against stringent guidelines to ensure only the highest quality coupons make the cut. Many more of these coupons are rejected due to irrelevance or poor quality so only a small percentage of the discovered codes are deemed worthy of publication on DealDrop. Some of the ways in which we ensure coupon code quality include:

Swift Testing and Publication – We recognize how fast some coupons can expire, so we expedite the whole process of discovering, reviewing, and then publishing new codes. Despite the large volume of coupons our team needs to evaluate, we truly work hard and sometimes we get coupons out within minutes of receiving them. This means you’ll have the absolute best chance of saving money with fresh, relevant coupons.

Ranking and Displaying Coupons

Unlike other coupon sites who often just display their highest-paying affiliates at the top of their pages, we use a nuanced approach that’s based on putting the coupons that will benefit you most at the top of our results. Our ranking system is based on several factors, such as:

Freshness – Recent codes are prioritized as they are more likely to be valid. As mentioned, we try to get codes out as quickly as possible and remove them when they’ve expired. Some codes are only valid for a few hours, so we want you to see them before they expire.

Value – Coupons offering larger discounts obviously maximize your savings, so we’ll put those ahead of smaller discounts. It’s worth checking the top few discounts though, as sometimes the deal will be for a single product, free postage, or a buy-one-get-one-free type deal which may not suit your needs.

Shopper Feedback and code testing – We incorporate your input to refine our results, as well as using feedback from our own testing. If a specific code is clicked on more than others, we’ll prioritize that code due to popularity.

Trouble Finding a Working Code?

While we try as hard as possible to find the latest coupons for every store, sometimes obstacles prevent this. Some reasons why you might not be able to find a working code include:

Expiry – Codes often expire without prior notice, and while we try really hard to keep on top of this, it sometimes means we miss these updates.

Specific Conditions – Some codes are limited to certain products or offer specific promotions. If you’re trying to use a code and it doesn’t seem to be working, check out the conditions.

First-Time Offers – Certain discounts apply exclusively to first-time purchasers. We do specify that on coupons for first-time purchases, but it’s easy to miss seeing it when you’re in a hurry. It’s always a good idea to check coupon terms and conditions prior to shopping with codes.

Website errors – Sometimes codes just stop working for various reasons related to the website you’re trying to buy from. In those cases, you’re better off contacting the store and asking for assistance.

Despite our best efforts, some codes may become inactive for some users but work for others. We’ll continue to display these codes on our platform as there’s a possibility of occasional redemption success for some people.

We’ll always be committed to helping you maximize your savings potential and revolutionize online shopping through transparency, diligence, and unparalleled savings opportunities. We love being able to bring these amazing savings to you and look forward to your participation in our growing community of savvy shoppers.