17 Surprising Coupon Statistics & Trends

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James Crawford

2 min reading - Apr 01, 2021

This is the most comprehensive guide to coupon statistics on the planet.

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This list is filled with coupon industry stats and trends which will amaze you!

Who uses coupon code the most? What are their demographics? Do people prefer digital or print coupon codes?

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  • 81% of consumers use coupons regularly
  • Discounts and coupons came in as the top-ranking tactic for driving loyalty with 61% of consumers saying they use them
  • Coupon users are spending 24% more than regular shoppers
  • Six in ten will stack coupons, when possible, to achieve greater savings
  • 50.8% of redeemed coupons are non-food related, while 49.2% are food related
  • 40 percent said they feel smart when they can find the best deal
  • Top 5 categories Millenials seek coupons in: groceries (93%), cosmetics (69%), clothing (62%), household items (60%), restaurants (57%)
  • 94% of American women say they rarely buy clothing without some discount attached
  • 78.4% of students “always” or “usually” check for discounts before making their online purchases
  • 96% of students would be more likely to make a repeat purchase from a brand that offers student discounts
  • Coupon app use has increased 42% from 2016, and in-store shopping rewards app use has increased 34%
  • 70% of consumers check their mobile devices for coupons or offers
  • 11 million coupons were delivered to consumers via beacon technology in 2015, 1.6 billion coupons will be delivered annually to consumers via beacon technology by 2020
  • 79% of Facebook users like a company to receive discounts or promotions
  • 24% of consumers “unliked” a brand on Facebook because they didn’t offer enough deals.