When Is the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale?

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5 min reading - Jul 08, 2022

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is an event that every avid shopper anticipates with bated breath. As indicated by its name, this sale of a lifetime happens only twice every year and offers everyone a chance to partake of insanely excellent deals one can’t afford to miss.

This event takes place on a fairly regular basis, so we can expect it to happen once every six months. And if this year’s sale dates are anything like last year’s, then the next big sale event is just a few weeks away.

Nothing makes us happier than looking for bargains, and we have high hopes for the approaching 2022 Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. And, if our predictions are true, this year’s sales will be the best ones yet.

So, when is it happening?

Experience tells us the dates for the 2022 sale would fall within the same timeframe as the 2020 and 2021 versions of this exciting shopping event. The first Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale will likely happen in June (summer sale), followed by the second one in December (winter sale).

The summer season sale last year began on June 24, 2021, and lasted until July for a couple of weeks.

To clue you in on the possible dates for the 2022 version of the sale this summer, here are the launch dates of previous events:

  • 2021: June 24
  • 2020: June 6
  • 2019: June 2
  • 2018: June 4
  • 2017: June 5

So, for the summer segment of the event, expect the perfect opportunity to snag the ultimate shopping deals and other specials online (or in-store) from Victoria’s Secret this coming June.

Meanwhile, last year’s winter season Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale was launched on December 26, 2021, and ran until December 28 online. The in-store sale launch took place on December 29 and lasted a few weeks into January.

What to expect when the sale happens

Like any great sale event, you can expect huge savings at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale.

Thanks to the big reductions on regular-priced items, you could save from about 50% to as much as 70% off. And that’s not all. There’ll be even bigger savings on clearance items as these products are always offered at super low prices so inventory can be cleared. This means you’ll be getting the same quality products from the Victoria’s Secret brand – just at unbelievably low prices. But make sure to keep your fingers crossed so you can find limited sale items in styles you like and in your size!

During the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale this June, you’re likely to find the following items on sale:

  • Beauty products: Body mists, lotions, lip glosses, washes and scrubs, perfumes, etc.
  • Brassieres: Bralettes and lounge bras, longline bras, strapless bras, sports bras, demi bras, push-up bras, and other bra styles
  • Sport, swim and lounge wear: Leggings, shorts, T-shirts, joggers, hoodies, bikini bottoms, one-pieces, cover-ups, etc.
  • Sleepwear: Satin slippers, cami sets, sleep shirts, etc.
  • Underwear and lingerie: Panties of all types (thongs, boyleg-cut shorts, bikinis, briefs, etc.) and various pieces of lingerie, including teddies, rompers, corsets, slips and more

With so many excellent buys on offer, it’s easy to go crazy shopping – whether you’re online or physically in their brick-and-mortar stores. However, do your best and keep your impulse in check to get the most out of this rare sale event.

How to shop smart

Signing up for a Victoria’s Secret Angel Card is one of the smartest ways to take advantage of the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret. With an Angel Card, you’ll get early access to the semi-annual sale as well as other amazing benefits like birthday incentives, shopping points, and free delivery on eligible orders.
To further maximize your shopping adventure in one of this year’s biggest sale events, take note of the following tips:

  • Go shopping online. Aside from the convenience of shopping from home, purchasing items using Victoria’s Secret’s exclusive online discounts and coupon codes can help you save even more. If your purchase meets certain requirements, you may even be eligible for free shipping.
  • Create a spending plan and stick to it. It’s so easy to overspend when you feel like you’re shopping at a discount store, but sticking to a strict spending amount is usually a good idea. So, avoid getting shocked during checkout, and really save money by spending only on clothing and other products you need (priority) and want (as long as it’s within budget).
  • Shop at the store or online armed with your measurements. These should include your hip, waist, and chest measurements so you can compare them easily to the size charts found online or in the actual Victoria’s Secret stores. You might even want to bring a tape measure along or try the product on (if you’re shopping in-store) to be sure.
  • Look out for special offers, including Buy One, Get One deals. While all the markdowns are great, you’ll be getting more out of your shopping spree with the best deals. You could give away the extra item as a gift or consider it a bonus for your wardrobe.
  • Be patient. Looking for your perfect swimsuit or underwear set? What about that body mist that never fails to perk up your day? You may not always find the best or perfect item right away during a sale as there would be limited stocks on some items that tend to get sold quickly. So, be ready to dig through stacks of products or scroll through multiple pages of bargain stuff. In the end, you’re likely to be rewarded with a truly great buy.
  • Find items that are useful or versatile. Prioritize pieces that are functional and versatile to add more value to your wardrobe choices. Victoria’s Secret offers a wide range of versatile clothing items, so make sure to go over the details of each piece you intend to purchase and see which ones you can mix and match.
  • Expand your wardrobe choices by trying new things. The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is an excellent opportunity for you to try out new styles and purchase new apparel at bargain prices.

Be there when it happens

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale is one shopping event you wouldn’t want to miss.

To stay updated on news about the sale this summer, it’s best to keep checking the official Victoria’s Secret website and signing up. You should also check the dealdrop.com site regularly to get the latest updates.