Win Big With Student Discounts in 2022

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Denny Vuong

4 min reading - Mar 16, 2022

As a college student, there’s no shortage of expenses that pop up throughout the year. As you move into the second semester of the 2021-22 school year, you must do two things:

  • Prepare for the expenses that you’re sure to face.
  • Seek ways to stretch every last dollar as far as possible.

Starting with the first point, here are just a handful of the many expenses that could come into play over the months to come:

  • Books
  • Supplies
  • Transportation costs
  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Clothing

And of course, this doesn’t even take into consideration tuition and room and board.

Now, let’s turn our attention to how to make the most of the budget that you have. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on student discounts.

These are exactly what they sound like. Both local and national brands often have special discounts for students. And best yet, taking advantage is as simple as proving that you’re enrolled in college.

Taking this into account, let’s examine several categories in which you can save big with student discounts in 2022.

1. Food

From takeout to delivery to dining in, many local restaurants and national chains offer student discounts. The only way to take advantage of these deals is to find them. So, don’t shy away from searching online and calling local restaurants to ask about student discounts. You may be surprised at how many you find.

Note: We also share plenty of food promo codes on our website (for anyone to use).

2. Transportation

Do you often find yourself driving home on the weekend? How about flying home on the holidays? Do you rely on public transportation to visit family and friends?

If so, you know how quickly the costs can add up. It can be so expensive that you’re quickly priced out of making your trip.

There are student discounts that can save you a large chunk of money. For example, Greyhound shares the following regarding student discounts:

Students can get 10% off Greyhound travel and 15% off shipping with the Student Advantage Discount Card.

Note: There are other transported-related discounts to consider, such as those for rental cars (Thrifty is one of the best).

3. Entertainment

College students don’t need any help finding activities to keep them busy. However, the rising cost of activities — such as taking in a movie at a local theater — can bog you down.

Sticking with the movie theater example, major chains such as Cinemark have you covered. Since discounts vary from location to location, take the time to call ahead for more information.

Here’s what Cinemark has to say on its website about student discounts:

Show a valid student ID at the box office and receive a special discount at select theatres! Valid ID required. Discount days, times and restrictions may vary depending on theatre location.

When it’s time to put your books away and have some fun, use student discounts to save money. The more you save on each activity, the more fun you can have in the future.

4. Miscellaneous

Anything that doesn’t fit under a primary category — such as those detailed above — goes here. Miscellaneous costs vary from person to person based on factors such as location, spending habits, and personal requirements.

A cell phone plan is generally one of the largest miscellaneous expenses, but there’s a silver lining: Most of the top wireless providers have at least one student discount plan to choose from.

Verizon is a good example, with the opportunity for students to save up to $25/month on unlimited plans. Even if you already have an active plan, you may still qualify for a student discount. Contact your provider, explain your situation, and learn more about your options for saving. 


According to Think Impact, “the total estimated cost of living per year for students, including food, housing, clothing, phone plan, miscellaneous, etc., is around $14,435.”

That’s a lot of money no matter how you look at it. Fortunately, when you take advantage of student discounts, it’s easier to fit some or all of these expenses into your monthly spending budget. And when you do so without using a credit card or taking out a loan, it will benefit your financial circumstances over the long run.