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About Raiz Invest

Raiz Invest is a micro-investing app that allows you to start investing with as little as $5 through automatic round ups, recurring investments, and lump sum deposits. Raiz Invest works by allowing you to invest small amounts of money into a diversified portfolio of assets. Raiz is best known for its Round-Up feature which involves rounding up your transactions to the nearest dollar and investing the spare change into your Raiz account. This means that for every spend that you make, you are also investing into your Raiz portfolio. Money in your Raiz Investment Account is invested into a mix of exchange traded funds (ETFs) in accordance with one of 6 different Portfolios selected by you. Raiz provides Australians access to start early, invest often and reach their financial goals.

Raiz has over 1 million users and have been a publicly listed Australian company on the ASX since 2018. They have over $1 billion under management, and on top of that, the Australia goverment will guarantee up to $250,000 per account holder in the event that Raiz cannot return your money.

The thing we love most about Raiz is being able to buy "fractional shares". This means you can invest any amount that you are comfortable with and get a fraction of those shares. There is also no brokerage cost, which means you can buy $5 of shares everyday and continue to grow your portfolio.

We've found 2 active and working Raiz Invest coupons / invite codes which will get you $10 bonus on sign up.

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Raiz Invest FAQs

How do I get the Raiz Invest sign up bonus?

Simply click "Show Coupon" above or use this link (raizinvest.com.au) and enter code "5UBPAR". Link to your bank account and make your first investment ($5 minimum). Raiz will automatically credit your Raiz Invest account with $10.

Is Raiz Invest safe? What happens if Raiz goes out of business?

Yes, Raiz is a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) and is overseen by ASIC. Your money is held by an independent custodian (Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited), so even if Raiz stops operating, your investments will be safe and your money will be returned to you.
It is worth noting however, all investments come with an element of risk and past returns may not reflect future returns. The amount of risk will vary for each individual depending on various factors such as age, investment horizon, risk tolerance and personal circumstances.

Can you lose all of your money on Raiz Invest?

Investing with Raiz is similar to making any other investment, the value can go up or down and returns are not guaranteed. Given that Raiz invests in a variety of ETFs, it is very unlikely that you will lose 100% of your investment.

How should I invest with Raiz?

Raiz provides a handful of ready-made investment portfolios that includes a variety of ETFs, Bonds and Bitcoin. You can select the portfolio that most matches your risk appetite. Minimum investment starts at $5 and you can set Raiz to round up each transaction on your spending account and automatically invest the left over amount. For example, if you have the Round Up feature on and you purchase a coffee for $3.60, Raiz will round this up to $4.00, and automatically invest the 40c for you. Easy as that!

Does Raiz Invest pay dividends?

Yes! Every Raiz portfolio receives dividends and pays them out on a monthly, quarterly and half yearly basis, depending on your portfolio holdings. To receive dividends, you need to have a money invested on Raiz on the ex-dividend date. Raiz will then automatically reinvest your dividends. If you ever want to receive these dividends in cash, just withdraw from Raiz, there are no fees.

How long does Raiz take to withdraw?

Withdrawing your money from Raiz can take between 5 to 7 business days depending on your bank.

How much does it cost to use Raiz?

Raiz Invest has 3 different fees based on which portfolio you select. In the Standard portfolio, you'll be charged $3.50 per month if the value of your account is under $15k, if $15k or above, it will be charged on a variable rate of 0.275% per year. Similarly, the Custom portfolio will cost $4.50 per month for accounts under $20k and 0.275% per year for accounts over $20k. For the Sapphire portfolios, you'll be charged both $3.50 fixed fee per month and a variable rate of 0.275% per year.

What ETFs are available on Raiz?

  • Australian Large Cap Stocks
  • Asian Large Cap Stocks
  • European Large Cap Stocks
  • US Large Cap Stocks
  • Australian government bonds
  • Australian corporate bonds
  • Australian money market
  • Australian Large Cap Responsible Investing Stocks (Emerald portfolio only)
  • Global Large Cap Sustainability Leaders Stocks (Emerald portfolio only)
  • Bitcoin (Sapphire portfolio only)

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